I am sorry,

     For the last while (least since my last post) I have
  Lost interest in the blog. For those who follow this thing,
  it was a place for me to dump ideas & what ever crossed my
  mind. I never meant it to be a big thing, just an escape
  from my life for a few & a place to type.

That said, if you still follow this blog... Thank you for
your patience. I will try to post more often. 

What caught my eye was a hidden singer from my home town
of Detroit. 

Rodriguez  his Home Page is 

I first found about him on 60 minuets.. that was a nice
segment .. 

Here it is :

& here is a Live Sugar Man playing

I think he is cool..


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Private E-Mail


If you thought your e-mail was private... 
Think again:

Private E-Mail

I guess if you want privacy... look into 
encryption like PGP or true-crypt.

I guess its time for me to delete that
old (over 6 months) SPAM ;)

William 12k


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Bar RUN!!!

Hmmm The Heck with that!! Doughnut RUN!!!!


Great I have to goto AA and Over Eaters Anonymous!!!

There is no winning!!!!

(I wonder if they ship to other states)

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5 Hr & Red Bull

Hmmm.. Mix Drink?  Never thought of that till I typed the title.

What I want to know is why is the FDA even looking into this...
EG the damage to a person is not done till they drink 4 or more 
in a short amount of time.. will the FDA next look into what
will happen if I drink 2 Gal or more of water in an hr?

If I was the FDA I would 1st check the 13 cases of death to see
if the Darwin Awards people should be notified... (from what I
heard so far, you have to drink more then 4 in an hr to get 
sick... & the Maker of 5hr only says 1 in 5hrs...) 


Now if there was a trend where people was getting sick on the
planed usage of the product... that would be different... 

FDA!!! Look into Water abuse!!!!  I want to say Water
is dangerous!!!!

That is my 2 cents (or 5hrs in this case)

what is yours?


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Lets see what is news on this day...

Hmmm Interesting... Texas wants to leave the 
country.  Laugh. that will never happen. although it might 
be interesting to see the results of that if it did.

Now here is a new (maybe old?) way or looking at TV ads.
are we being programed by the ads on TV like this 
DirecTV ad:

not that I have any real overall gripe against that ad,
but I was wondering if you felt that certain ads was leaning 
the wrong way in promoting the products... if so comment on
them here. I know there are other ads out there that bug you.

Looks like Skype is going mainstream in the workplace. (Skype 
was previously thought of as a home chat client....) 

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Welcome to Obama Season 2


Welcome to Season 2…. Obama won….  was a close one … the closest in years…but

Obama was able to pull it out in the end… This is a great example as to why I say the Electoral Collage should go away… Even though Obama won in the popular votes… there  was times that he had won on on electoral votes. And from what I saw… that would have still given him the Office, even though the popular vote would have had Romney in. That to me is wrong. What is the point of the Electoral Collage any how? we can count the Popular votes fast enough today to make that function redundant and in my opinion useless.

Along with that win, Barack is able to keep control of the Senate. That means the same old political wars continue. Obama-Care will now become the Law of the land in 2014 (Romney was going to repeal that on day one) Will that cause more problems in that year? we will have to wait and see.

And in other news, if you Live in Washington State or Colorado, you can do something that you can’t ANY WHERE ELSE. That being. Smoke POT!!! That might actually be a good thing… something else to be taxed. Now don’t you all get up move to the states 🙂 And this is not 100% ready for public use anyhow.

“The voter approval of legal weed in Colorado and Washington could lead to a Supreme Court battle with the federal government, according to Jeffrey Miron, senior lecturer of economics at Harvard University and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, where he has conducted economic studies on nationwide drug legalization.”

That is going to be interesting though if it does really get to the store shelves, I have never smoked it… so any thoughts about its affects by me are second hand. Another thought that hit me… does that mean that if your in jail for a MJ charge (eg MJ it pushing or selling) would you then be released as now MJ is legal?

Now back to the the election. It looks like Obama has a few problems waiting on him when he gets back to the White House. In an NBC posting …

Now that he’s won, the six splitting headaches waiting for Obama

Automatic spending cuts
Congress passed and Obama signed into law the 2011 Deficit Control Act which will cut more than $100 billion in outlays in 2013, starting in January. These cuts were intended to be so unpalatable that they’d spur Congress and the president to strike a deficit reduction deal, but the plan seems about to backfire. Congress and the president in 2013 will be getting more deficit reduction than they really want. The director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf, said in August that the cuts in spending, combined with scheduled increases in taxes at the year’s end would cause “a significant tightening of fiscal policy” which would “probably lead to a recession early next year.” ”

Sigh… what a way to start a year..I guess when Obama did that one… he was thinking that the next President would have to deal with it  (back in 2011 I don’t think he was thinking of being the “next president”)

Taxes going up, by a significant amount – and not just on the rich
The current income tax rates expire on Dec. 31. A popular middle-class tax break, the $1,000-per-child tax credit for each child age 17 and younger, will be cut in half unless Congress and the president take action before the end of the year. The temporary reduction in the Social Security payroll tax is also set to expire. As a result of all this, according to the Tax Policy Center, the average tax burden will increase by almost $3,500 per taxpayer in 2013. In addition, the Affordable Care Act, starting on Jan. 1, imposes a $20 billion tax increase in 2013 on people with incomes above $200,000, or $250,000 for joint filers.”

Another Tax hike? Barack will be a busy man in 2013 I see.

This is the interesting part….

Implementing the Affordable Care Act and appointing the members of the Independent Payment Advisory Board
The administrative mechanism to carry out “Obamacare” needs to be designed, refined and run. Congressional Republicans are especially hostile to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an outside body of experts, picked by the president, which is supposed to propose cuts in Medicare spending, with those cuts getting special fast-track consideration in Congress. So far Obama has appointed none of IPAB’s 15 members. Those nominees will be subject to Senate confirmation. ”

That may delay the effect (the overhauling of Medicare) if the “experts” are not confirmed. (sounds like the Supreme court)

There are 3 others in that posting by Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer that I did not comment on, but you get the idea that Obama is going to be busy.

Here is Barack Obama’s Victory Speech Full – Election 2012

and of course here is Mitt Romney 2012 Concession Speech (C-SPAN)




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Popular Vote

Popular vote as of now is :

Obama 32%

Romney 67%


This is just the start


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